Jennifer Lopez Does What Beyoncé Didn’t With “El Anillo”: Single Premiere

jennifer lopez el anillo cover

Jennifer Lopez premiered a brand new Spanish single yesterday night called "El Anillo" (translates to "The Ring" in English).

The song is everything Beyoncé failed to do back in 2008 when she missed to release a Spanish version of "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". Now Jennifer Lopez has released her own "what are you waiting for to put that diamond ring on my finger?" anthem in the Spanish language and she will be the one making all that powerful Latino money. She's so freaking clever!

"El Anillo", which is uptempo and it's giving me strong Brazilian, African urban funk vibes, hears J.LO praising every aspect of her hot lover but one thing - the fact that he is yet to propose to her and give her that expensive and beautiful diamond ring she knows she deserve. So she asks him over and over again in the song: "¿El Anillo pa' cuando?", "When will you give me the ring?".

It's been a minute since Jennifer has had a massive Spanish hit but gladly the wait is no more because she's finally found THAT song.

Read the lyrics to "El Anillo" here

By on April 27, 2018
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