Jennifer Lopez’ Body In The “Te Guste” Music Video With Bad Bunny Is Jaw-Dropping: Watch

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jennifer lopez te guste

I’m so mad about this “Te Guste” collaboration between Bad Bunny and Jennifer Lopez because I thought it was going to be a million times better. And this is just vanilla. But here’s hoping they can maybe record a remix for it or even a whole new different song in the near future (something with a stronger, clubbier beat this time please). But you know what? At least the music video is semi-saving this song for me. All the ‘streams’ I have given “Te Guste” to date is because I want to replay the music video. Why? Not because of Bad Bunny of course but because of Jennifer Lopez. I think this is the hottest, most amazing J.LO has looked in a music video in a long time (and she did look hot in the “El Anillo” visual so you can imagine the level of hotness here…). The scenes with the yellow bikini and Jennifer flaunting those abs and that entire super toned body (she’s about to turn 50), and the scenes where she’s laid down wearing the red hoodie… that face...! Can she please share her secret of eternal youth with the rest of the world? I ask it very seriously.


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By on November 11, 2018
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