Jennifer Hudson Premieres Heart-Warming, Gay-Friendly “I Still Love You” Music Video: Watch

jennifer hudson i still love you video
jennifer hudson i still love you music video

I have been moved.

Rita Ora’s “Poison” music video that premiered earlier in the day made me think this Wednesday was going to be a failure day for new videos, but here comes Jennifer Hudson to save the day.

The vocal powerhouse released moments ago via the official music video for the next new single from her “JHUD” album, the laidback disco number and Gorgon City-produced “I Still Love You”, and it is one heart-warming visual. I may not really be that fond of the song - in fact I didn’t think Jennifer had another single-worthy song on the album besides the lead single, lol – but this right here proves that you can get people to get into your song with a powerful and well-made music video.

The LGBT-friendly “I Still Love You” clip “follows the journey of a father’s last-minute decision to attend his gay son’s wedding”.

In the opening scene the Republican-looking father gets a call from his son that is directed to the answering machine where he asks him if he had read the invitation to his wedding and that hopefully he had come to his senses and decided to go because it would mean the world to him. The son ends the message by saying: “despite everything, I still love you”. That’s when the father cracked, and realized he had to be at that wedding. Fast-forward a couple of minutes, the father arrives at the ceremony, he hugs his child, and everyone now in a happy mood go to the reception where Jennifer Hudson and a few voguers will join and entertain the party.

What do you think of the video?

By on June 3, 2015
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