Jay Sean - 'Where You Are' (Music Video)

Jay Sean is a gentleman that never misses a date, no matter the obstacles, in the music video for "Where You Are", the first single from his upcoming album "Neon" (May 21).

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, and filmed in downtown Los Angeles, the visual for the romantic "Where You Are" opens with Jay Sean getting home from work and receiving a text message from his girlfriend for him to not forget about their date at a bar in a couple of hours. The Cash Money crooner rapidly changes clothes - showing off his abs in the process - and out he goes to see his lady. The way to the bar will be a nightmare for him, though. Sauce stains from an imprudent walk-byer with a hot-dog, getting coffee and tea spilled on from an intellectual girl in the bus, and getting stopped by the bouncer of the bar for being all dirty. He eventually bribes the security man with a hamburger (lol?), and gets into the place to see his lady love. matter all the hurdles, Jay Sean will be there!

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jay sean shows off abs and body in where you are video
By on March 22, 2013
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