Jay Sean Sings 'I'm All Yours' On 'Jay Leno'

Jay Sean Sings 'I'm All Yours' On 'Jay Leno'

British crooner and Cash Money member Jay Sean took the stage at Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" on Tuesday (July 24) to deliver the first televised performance of his single "I'm All Yours"...Watch below!

Hmmmm, how would you call a song that in three months has failed to peak within the Top 80 on the Hot 100, has almost no radio presence, and is nowhere to be found on the Top 100 of iTunes USA (as of this post).... that's right, you got it!...FLOP. I thought "I'm All Yours" had been scrapped already. I liked the song at first, but with all the good (and better) singles that have premiered after its April premiere, I'm like now, "I'm All Yours", what?, Jay Sean, who?. The guy needs a new 'fresher', and radio-friendlier song if he wants to save his "Worth It All" album era, which at this point I feel it may get pushed back 'til the eternity or be completely canceled. How did Jay Sean go from topping the charts around the world with "Down" to this situation, though? It's sad. In any case, back to the 'Leno' performance last night, it was...a tad boring. There was nothing exciting! Pitbull may have spiced things up but he couldn't make it to the taping. The performance is basically Jay Sean walking around the stage, blandly trying to serenade his two female dancers while singing live over a playback. I liked the band and the live instruments tho. LOL.

What do you think of Jay Sean and the performance?

By on July 25, 2012
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