Jason Derulo - "If It Ain't Love" [Music Video Premiere!]

jason derulo if it aint love video
jason derulo if it aint love music video

Jason Derulo - "If It Ain't Love" [Music Video Premiere!]

Ever wondered how would it be to flirt with your work colleague and make out in the office? Jason Derulo brings that fantasy to life in his "If It Ain't Love" music video!

Premiered on YouTube on Monday night (May 9), the official visual for Jason's high-energy synth-urban track sees the Miami-born entertainer doing non-work-related stuff at the office. He will exploit some dead time at the job to hit on the girl he likes, and, in view of her positive response to the flirting, they will engage in a steamy dance routine. The lovebirds will fly, break the rules of gravity walking on the ceiling, jump up and down, do risky flips, among other visually-interesting things. And to add more "steaminess" to the "If It Ain't Love" video, there will also be scenes where female hands will undress Jason and caress his naked chest. Oh, wow!

It's yet to be confirmed if "If It Ain't Love" is a song from an upcoming new studio album from Jason Derulo or an alternative project.

What do you think of the video?

By on May 10, 2016

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