Jason Derulo Debuts 'Undefeated' Live On 'Idol'

Jason Derulo Debuts 'Undefeated' Live On 'Idol'

It's been a tough few months for Jason Derulo - The American pop star broke his neck during rehearsals for his (now-postponed) world tour earlier this year, and ever since he's been wearing an uncomfortable cervical collar - Fortunately for him, girlfriend Jordin Sparks helped make this time a little more bearable. However, it's May 2012 now, and Jason is fully recovered! And his first post-neck injury television performance took place last night (May 22) on 'American Idol'. There, the Miami-native star performed his new single "Undefeated", a track Jason worked in partnership with Coca-Cola (free download here), and which fans across the world helped write. "Undeafeated" is an uplifting dance/pop record, with a catchy put-your-hands-in-the-air chorus. The song is nice, yeah, but nothing extraordinary. Mr Derulo confirmed his upcoming new album will also be called "Undeafeated". Now as for his 'Idol' performance, that I should applaud. Jason sang the song decently, moved/dance a little on stage although with a few limitations, and overall put on an energetic performance. Quite good to be his first in a very long time. Enjoy!

What do YOU think of "Undeafeated"?

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By on May 23, 2012

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