Janet Jackson's "Made For Now" Music Video Trumps The Song

janet jackson made for now video
janet jackson made for now video premiere

By now you all know I'm not feeling the need Janet Jackson single “Made for Now” but will it be the same with the music video?

The “Made for Now” visual premiered this Friday morning on Janet's YouTube channel. It was directed by Dave Meyers and shot in Brooklyn. Without further ado, let's watch:

That was... good!

So summing it up, bad song but great music video. But honestly, with Dave Meyers, you can never get a bad music video.

The location looked great, the outfits all looked great, miss Janet looked amazing in every scene, all the dancing was on point and nicely aligned with the beat of the song, and the ending was so "I'm that bitch" and I lived for it.

By the way, did you also think it was a bit narcissistic Dave Meyers "signature" at the very end (I know there’s no issue with the director getting an on-screen credit but it’s just the way he decided to execute his credit…). But he made a great video nonetheless!

By on August 17, 2018
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