Janet Jackson In Search of Her “Despacito”?

janet jackson shoots video in nyc

Three years after her last studio album and the drama about the postponement of her “Unbreakable World Tour” due to motherhood issues, R&B singer Janet Jackson is ready to return with new music. The most-talented sister of the late Michel Jackson was photographed this week at various locations in New York City filming the music video of her upcoming new single, rumored to be titled “Made for Now”, under the direction of the renowned Dave Meyers.

According to a witness on the set, Janet’s new song has African rhythms in it (hence her look) with a touch of pop sensibility. And this sounds like something that could cater to both urban and pop radios, the latter being the most important platform Janet has to “attack” if she wants to recuperate her status of indisputable pop diva that she has seen deteriorated since the rise of new artists, her not getting a major hit, and getting away from the spotlight scene in general.

In this new single Janet is about to release she has an unexpected surprise. The song is confirmed to be a duet, but not with an artist with whom Janet has worked in the past nor an artist that could be aligned to her music genres. She’s decided to work for this comeback with reggaeton star Daddy Yankee, who in the U.S, or at last within the English-speaking demographic in the U.S, is very well known for having participated in the smash hit “Despacito”, whose remix with Justin Bieber reached number one on the Hot 100 last year. If Janet’s new single, supposedly named “Made for Now”, has “African rhythms”, that means “urban” and urban is definitely a genre Daddy Yankee is comfortable in (adding some Latin touch to it of course). Because in the case this witness is lying, which I don’t think, I just doubt Janet would go full reggaeton.

So, what a curious election for collaborator and I have no doubt Janet’s decision has been influenced by her record label/close team. Surely they advised her to open her minds to the new trends in music and clearly the new trend is to have Latin artists in your songs or mix your signature sound with a little bit of Latin sounds. Her label clearly wants Janet to have a “Despacito”. But wouldn’t this be a little bittersweet? I mean, on the one hand, if Janet gets a huge hit the same size as “Despacito” we would clearly say “the queen is back”, but on the other, Janet would go from being a leader in music to a mere “follower”.

By on July 26, 2018
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