Janet Jackson Debuts Spanish Remix of “Made For Now”: ¿Te Gusta?

janet jackson latin version made for now

As I predicted, Janet Jackson comeback song “Made For Now” was a big flop. But instead of moving on to a new some ASAP, the R&B legend is still trying to make “Made For Now” happen. How so now? By releasing a "Latin version", aka a Spanish remix. So she's finally realized the original song won't ever get on the Top 10 of the Billboard hot 100 but she's hoping now Latin America countries do make her song a hit now that it has this Latin version. But... wouldn't it have been more intelligent to have released this remix around the release date of the original English version? Why 3 months later? Now if you ask me this Latin remix has no chance. The hype for the return of Janet Jackson is long gone. But really focusing on this Latin remix, it's cute, but as ever with American artists the lyrics are awkward. They always want to maintain the same meaning with the Spanish words, basically doing a Google Translate type of translation, and more often than that affects the rhyme in the song. So hence the awkwardness. But hey, at least Janet sounds cute in Spanish. The Latin remix also features new lyrics and new ad-libs from Daddy Yankee, who gains a lot more attention in this new version.

¿A ti también te gusta vivir el momento?


Janet needs to learn from this flop. She needs to go back to give us the urban bangers we love from her.

By on November 27, 2018
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