J Balvin’s Gay-Themed “Ambiente” Music Video Is A Step Forward For Reggaeton

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Reggaeton superstar J Balvin is showing his support for the LGBT community in his own way. He released yesterday a new single entitled “Ambiente” and simultaneously premiered its music video on YouTube. And in this case, it’s the video that’s making more buzz than the song. Why? Because this could very well be the first music video from a reggaeton artist to feature a gay theme. And this is very significant because reggaeton artists have usually been viewed as homophobic and reggaeton a genre where a homosexual artist wouldn’t be able to succeed in in the first place. J Balvin just changed the game, though. While I can’t be certain of his sexual orientation - as the rumors of him being gay are still active, the important wall that J Balvin tore down yesterday was that it was okay to address the gay reality in a reggaeton music video. And perhaps this will be the turning point for other reggaeton artists to be more inclusive in their music video themes in the future (including a gay couple here and there won’t hurt anybody!).

J Balvin’s “Ambiente” beach-themed music video sees falling in love with a woman that will result to be a gay person already in a relationship with another female. And yes, our Colombian bae will end up heartbroken. He had a ray of hope when the girl he liked kissed him at the pier (perhaps she wanted to test if she was in reality bisexual?) but she quickly realized it was a mistake and off she went back to the arms of her official partner.

In just 24 hours the “Ambiente” video has received over 7 million views on YouTube. And this is the first time I’m so happy a reggaeton video has had so much overnight success. I hope reggaeton music lovers now get a little more accustomed to the diverse reality of our society.


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By on April 14, 2018
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