J. Balvin Releases New Anitta Collaboration “Machika”: Bop Or Not?

machika video anitta
machika video j balvin

J. Balvin finally released his much-hyped new single “Machika” featuring Jeon and Anitta and unfortunately me no like. Do you?

The reggaeton star had been talking this new song up for a long while and certainly I was anticipating it. Plus, the fact that I loved J. Balvin and Anitta’s previous collaboration “Downtown” helped a lot to increase my anticipation anxiety. And finally “Machika” premiered, and it did today.

“Machika” is nothing like “Downtown”, which was more subdued. Instead, J. Balvin’s new single is an all-out “banger”. But sadly it’s not a good banger. I just heard it in full for the first time and I thought the song was just noise. I didn’t get the lyrics, the beat was generic as hell (and it’s sad because J. Balvin set the bar really high with “Mi Gente”), and I found no pleasure at all listening to this. Yes, I might dance to this at the club if the DJ plays it, but definitely I would dance to it just because it’s an upbeat song, not because I like it, you know what I mean? This is just noise and no even Anitta’s flawless Spanish rapping could save it.

Will this be a hit? Well, J. Balvin has tons of fans and no doubt they will make “Machika” a hit even though it’s just annoying noise.

He needs to step up his game for his next single, though. For now, I’ll just keep on streaming “Mi Gente” and “Downtown”.

By on January 19, 2018
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