It Was Real! Ariana Grande Drops Mac Miller Remix Of "Into You": Listen

ariana grande mac miller into you remix

The rumors were true!

Ariana Grande took to SoundCloud last night (Aug. 5) to world premiere the much-rumored Mac Miller remix of her “Into You” single. The new version features a new “urbanized” production, new Ariana vocals with a more R&B feel this time, and of course, a rap verse from Mac Miller - who crazily Ariana Grande hadn't collaborated with ever since their 2013 massive hit “The Way”.

Oh my! This is sooooooo good! I really think I like it better than the original version, and that’s a lot to say because I thought the original could never be improved.

Mac Miller rides on the beat, he makes himself one with the beat, and Ari’s new vocals just give LIFE.

Watch them perform this remix at the VMAs!

Hit or Miss?

By on August 6, 2016
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