Is Leona Lewis' New Song "I Am" About Simon Cowell? Listen Now!

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Is Leona Lewis' New Song "I Am" About Simon Cowell? Listen Now!

Last week a clubby remix of Leona Lewis’ title track from her fifth studio album “I Am” (out in the UK on September 11th) leaked on the Internet. At the time I decided not to post that version as I thought to myself: “the original has to be a thousand times better I’m not going to spoil everyone’s first listen of “I Am” with a sh*tty remix). However, the original version has been released today (July 16) – via the iTunes pre-order page – and I think I made a bad decision not posting the remix last week, lol. To my dismay, the remix sounds actually better than the original. I mean, it doesn’t have the best clubby production ever, but with a few tweaks I can totally picture “I Am” being a hit in the gay club scene this summer.

Anyways, “I Am” is another pretty Leona Lewis ballad with a strong message. “I am with or without you / I am, breathing without you”, sings the British songbird in the chorus of her album #5 title track. I am quite positive this song was inspired by Leona’s hatred towards Simon Cowell for allegedly “ruining” her career. She comes for his imaginary wig in this song!

Other than the cool Simon implicit slap, “I Am” is pretty standard and nothing wow. The production is a bit so-so too and it’s not making me jump off my seat. Overall, okay album track, but by no means future “single”.

Hit or Miss?

By on July 16, 2015

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