Is Austin Mahone A Stalker and In Love with Jasmine V? Read Their 'Awkward' Conversation!

jasmine v photoshoot
austin mahone hand on face

It seems Austin Mahone is looking for another heart to break after splitting from Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello in late November (only 3 weeks they lasted) and his next “victim” is thought to be rising R&B singer Jasmine V (21).

Austin recently left a few comments on Jasmine’s Instagram account that may indicate the "MMM Yeah" star is trying start something with her. Read below:

austin mahone hits on jasmine v

What do you think? First thing I thought when I read the screen capture taken by a Jasmine V Instagram follower was: "Austin is one creepy man". Then I thought; "He's awkwardly in love with Jasmine V”. It’s just evident, right?

Now the question would be; is he stalking her? It really gives that image, huh? I mean, who would remember EVERY group picture you’ve taken and that the people in them were different every time? Only a stalker/social network creeper, right? It would be beneficial for Jasmine V’s career (which just isn't kicking off – she’s still unable to even make it on the Bubbling Under charts, lol) to get on a relationship with paparazzi-meat Austin Mahone but just re-taking a look at the screencap below…girl, as Nicole Scherzinger would say, RUN!!!

By the way, aren’t Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone buddies? JB already try to hit on Jasmine V (remember?). So why is Austin going after his leftovers?

Creepy, not creepy?

By on December 28, 2014
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