INTERVIEW: Nathan Carter On Beating Beyoncé & Drake With New Album “Stayin’ Up All Night”, Country Music In Ireland/UK & Wishing For Duet With Carrie Underwood [Exclusive]

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INTERVIEW: Nathan Carter On Beating Beyoncé & Drake With New Album “Stayin’ Up All Night”, Country Music In Ireland/UK & Wishing For Duet With Carrie Underwood [Exclusive]

If you didn’t know, country music is also big in Ireland (yep, country is not a USA-exclusive thing), and that’s partially because of Mr. Nathan Carter, a country singer who has helped revive this music genre in Ireland and now in the UK ever since he commenced his career back in 2007.

With his 2013 album “Where I Wanna Be” he reached #1 on the Irish Albums Chart, then in 2015 with “Beautiful Life” he repeated the feat, and just earlier this year of 2016 with his brand new album “Stayin' Up All Night” he returned again to the highest position of the official albums chart in his home country. But it’s not only Ireland where Nathan has made an impact with his country tunes, for also in the UK he’s garnered a strong following, which has caused for him to expand his 2016 tour to include concerts in England or Scotland.

*For more info on his upcoming leg, click here. caught with Nathan Carter the day after performing at the iconic Palladium Theater in London a few days ago for an exclusive interview and we talked about his new album and beating the likes of Beyoncé ("Lemonade") and Drake ("Views") with it (maaaaajor!), his current streak of #1s in Ireland, a possible future in Nashville, the state of country music in Ireland/UK, or what his dream collaboration is! Do not miss this interesting read!


1. Hi Nathan! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

I’m on the road on a UK tour, just played London Palladium.

We had a big night afterwards in a West End bar.

2. Just this April you released your new studio album titled “Stayin’ Up All Night”, and it debuted at #1 on the Irish charts beating the likes of Drake and Beyoncé. How did it feel to beat these two heavyweights of the music industry?

It was a big shock to be honest. I actually embarrassingly didn't know who Drake was but then got told by a friend!

3. For those who have yet to pick a copy of your new album, but must do so immediately, how does “Stayin’ Up All Night” differ from your previous works, and what’s the overall theme of the album?

It differed in the fact that I have co-wrote 8 songs on the album and it has a more modern feel to it than previous works.

4. I know this will be a difficult question to answer, but if you had to pick one song from your new album that for whatever reason feels the most special to you, which would it be and what’s the story behind that song?

I would say the song I wrote called ‘Liverpool’, which is where I was born. It also mentions football, my musical inspirations and about the people of the great city.

5. So far in your career you have achieved 3 number one albums, 2 number one singles, and 3 number one DVDs on the Irish charts, did you ever imagine to achieve these many accomplishments at such a young age, and do you remember your reaction to your first ever number one? What was it like?

I never thought I would get this far in the business. I started off in pubs and always dreamed about big gigs and No. 1 albums so to get here is a huge privilege.

I remember waiting on the chart positions to come out and had a good feeling it was going to do good, but not No 1.

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6. Will we see you attacking the US country scene soon? Nashville is definitely calling!

Yes! I would love to record my next album there and doing some gigs would be great fun.

7. How do you see the current state of country music in Ireland/UK? Do you think it’s on the rise? In the latest years I’ve seen more and more country stars from the US go the UK to play shows. Do you hope one day country music will be as big in Ireland/UK as it is in the US or close?

I think it is growing all the time and the audience seems to be getting younger.

I think it will keep increasing in popularity but I’m not sure if it will ever be as big as it is in the States.

8. Two questions: 1) You will be supporting “Stayin’ Up All Night” with a series of concerts in Ireland and the UK all throughout this rest of the year. What’s a Nathan Carter live show like? 2) And, by the way, last month to perform a concert at the iconic London Palladium. Was it a memorable experience?

I like to think our live show is very entertaining and interesting for anyone to come and see. I have a great team behind me on the road, from 7 great band members to a 6 piece crew.

I thought the Palladium gig was one of my Top 3 shows ever. The crowd were amazing and it was a dream come true to perform in such a historic venue.

9. What are your Top 4 songs of the moment?

Humble And Kind - Tim McGraw

Came Here To Forget - Blake Shelton

Wasted Time - Keith Urban

You Look Like I Need A Drink – Justin Moore

10. If you could record an original collaboration with any country star right now, who would it be, why him/her, and how do you imagine your song together to be like?

I would love to record with Brad Paisley or Carry Underwood. I think the Brad one would be a drinking song and with Carrie a love one would be nice!

By on June 29, 2016

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