Inna Serves Cleopatra Realness In HOT "Diggy Down" Music Video!

inna diggy down video

Inna loves the way her boy moves and tells him she is “diggy diggy down” to do whatever he wants. Naughty much? The Romanian singer premiered on Tuesday (Dec. 9) the official music video for her new single "Diggy Down" - a sexy saxophone-tinged track that allegedly is part of Inna’s upcoming “LatINNA” album. Or is it another song from the still-to-be-released (cancelled?) “Summer Days” EP? Inna has some explanation to do!

"Diggy Down" is such a hot song (definitely some “Jason Derulo” saxophone influence here) that it pains me to see how Inna’s US label Atlantic Records is doing nothing for her because "Diggy Down" is definitely Top 40 radio material. If it were another euro-dance/Romanian folklore music-tinged track I would be saying ”good stuff for Europe” instead so believe me when I say "Diggy Down" is American industry-friendly.

As for the music video, it’s scorching hot. Inna’s sexiness and hot body add the "scorching" adjective. The MV shows the Romanian diva serving Cleopatra realness. Inna gives fierce looks to the camera with real-looking flames blowing behind her, lets a snake caress her body, and serves mysterious-ness in a white tunic. HOT!

inna diggy down video

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By on December 9, 2014
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