INNA Makes Winter Feel Like Summer With "Me Gusta"

inna me gusta

Queen of Romanian pop INNA has unleashed new music for us. Her new song titled “Me Gusta” impacted on digital platforms last night. It’s an all-Spanish summery, festive track featuring a cool electronic production and magnetic drops. Last night INNA shared too the music video for “Me Gusta” on her YouTube channel. The visual sees the Romanian pop singer spending the day in a coastal town by the port, the beach promenade, and wandering throughout some picturesque streets. Could it be Barcelona?

I’m definitely loving the beat drops in “Me Gusta”, I adored how INNA looked in the music video and her body language, but “Me Gusta” as a whole I feel it could’ve been better constructed. I like the song, but I don’t “love” it as one entity.

Also, does anybody else think INNA should’ve saved this single for a summer release instead of a winter one? That music video clearly screamed “BEACH TIME AND SWIMSUITS Y’ALL!” but if I go to the beach right now it’s going to be rather chilly… lol!

By on February 14, 2018
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