INNA Make Us Reach "Nirvana" With Her New Single

inna nirvana

Romanian pop queen INNA usually treat us with super bops but regular bops are okay too and she shouldn’t be worried. We, her fans, understand it’s difficult to come up with super bops every time, so regular bops from time to time are completely acceptable too.

INNA released a brand new single today called “Nirvana”, which is the title track and officially the third single from her forthcoming fifth studio album, which will arrive on digital platforms on December 11th. Alongside the digital release of the new single, INNA also premiered the official music video on her YouTube channel. The music video doesn’t have much storyline-wise but it’s filled with light effects, dancing, and beauty shots from INNA, and all of this is exactly what a song like “Nirvana” needed, and not anything else. INNA’s music is all about having a good time, and freeing your mind. So this music video is more than adequate. Plus, we love how INNA almost every time drops the music video the same day as the new song. A visual totally helps loving the song faster. So, “Nirvana”, a song about INNA missing her lover being on her body, may not be as amazing as some of her previous singles ("Hot", "10 Minutes", "Cola Song" and so on...), but it’s a good feel-good song, it’s sexy, it’s party-ready, and that drop during the Spanish rap was definitely some kind of “LIFE”. A very interesting and different drop wouldn't you say?

Long live the Romanian queen!

By on November 28, 2017
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