Inna Begs "Take Me Higher!" In Brand New Song: Listen

inna take me higher cover

Inna remembers the good ol’ times with her ex in her song “Take Me Higher”, brand new music from the Romanian singer’s forthcoming “Summer Days” EP - dropping on iTunes in mid-September. “Take Me Higher” was produced by Inna’s long-time collaborators of Play & Win (executive produced Inna’s super successful first album “Hot” in 2009 but their work relationship decreased somewhat in the following albums). This is the first track crafted by the European production team released in this new Inna ‘era’. Hopefully more Play & Win tracks will follow soon because you just know that they plus Inna equals magical party-ready hits.

“Take Me Higher” song review

A very Play & Win house-pop track. “Take Me Higher” is short in lyrical content (Inna repeats the first verse twice), but its infectious summery beat, and Inna’s sweet (and signature) vocal delivery make us forget of that tiny fact rather quickly. Inna reminisces the fun times she had with her ex in the “Take Me Higher” lyrics. “Do you remember that summer we had it all?”, nostalgically sings Inna, before getting erotically-charged reminiscing other a bit spicier moments “You turn me, turn me on, can you feel it?”.

Hit or Miss?

By on August 25, 2014
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