Imagine Dragons Premiere “Zero” Music Video: Watch Now!

imagine dragons zero video
imagine dragons zero video premiere

I’m still very shocked at how good Imagine Dragons’ “Zero” song is. I mean, that hook… your fave could never!

We all knew the oh-so-catchy “Zero” was part of the “Ralph Breaks The Internet” soundtrack (movie hits theaters on November 21) but when the tracklist of Imagine Dragons’ upcoming album “Origins” was revealed last weekend, we got confirmation “Zero” would appear on it too. And that’s great news. “Zero” needed to be there because I have no doubt “Zero” is going to become a big hit and it will attract lots of sales for the “Origins” album.

imagine dragons zero videoclip

Today, Imagine Dragons premiered the official “Zero” music video on YouTube. And I’m liking it because it’s not heavily filled with “Ralph Breaks The Internet” scenes, I mean there are some, but usually in music videos for soundtrack singles they are FULL of movie scenes. In this case, the number of scenes is limited and it’s more Imagine Dragons showing their fans the unique concept they came up for this “Zero” music video. Now, I may not fully grasp the idea they wanted to convey here but what I saw I definitely liked. This was a crazy concept but very fun to watch. And I feel like it matched the quirky vibe of the song.

What are your thoughts?


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By on October 23, 2018
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