Imagine Dragons Premiere “Bad Liar” Music Video: Watch Here!

imagine dragons bad liar video
imagine dragons bad liar video youtube

If they had asked you to come up with a treatment for Imagine Dragons’ “Bad Liar” music video, would you have come up with this one? Me neither! BUT I AM LOVING IT! Director Ryan Reichenfeld has one beautiful mind.

“Bad Liar” is the latest single from the Dan Reynolds band’s “Origins” album.

The music video – which premiered last night, January 24, on YouTube – sees professional dancer Autumn Miller doing a contemporary routine side by side to an immobile mysterious man across the many areas of a high school. Imagine Dragons will provide the soundtrack to this strange moment with a little band serenade outside the school facility.


Does anybody know where can I get Dan Reynolds’ coat? I love it!

By on January 25, 2019
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