Imagine Dragons - "Origins": Album Lyrics!

imagine dragons origins album

Read now all the lyrics from Imagine Dragons’ new album “Origins”.

Origins”, released on November 9th via Kidinakorner, Polydor Records and Interscope Records, is the fourth studio album by the American band led by Dan Reynolds.

The new Imagine Dragons LP will feature 16 tracks in total in the deluxe edition.

“Natural” and “Zero” were the official singles prior to the arrival of “Origins” in stores.

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The Lyrics

1. “Natural

2. “Boomerang"

3. “Machine

4. “Cool Out

5. “Bad Liar

6. “West Coast

7. “Zero

8. “Bullet in a Gun

9. “Digital

10. "Only"

11. “Stuck

12. “Love

13. “Birds

14. “Burn Out

15. “Real Life

16. “Born To Be Yours

The Stream

By on November 9, 2018
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