Imagine Dragons’ New Album Titled “Origins”, Out November 9: See Cover Art

imagine dragons origins

UPDATE: Imagine Dragons just made the announcement!


A leak from Imagine Dragons’ official shop website just revealed that the band’s fourth studio album is called “Origins” and that it will be released on November 9.

The picture at the top is the official cover art for “Origins”, also leaked from

The website leak revealed that there will be a vinyl version of the album on sale as well as a lot of merchandising (t-shirts and hoodies).

Whoever is responsible for the daily management of this shopping website needs to be screamed at immediately for making this infantile mistake. By simply doing a basic HMTL search in the website smart fans were able to access the “Origins” shopping pages.

imagine dragons origins lp

Maybe Imagine Dragons were planning on making the announcement later this week and the shopping site webmaster thought it didn’t hurt uploading all the products early and just “hide” them? But he or she didn’t hide them very well!

Anyways, here is all the info now and expect Imagine Dragons to rush the announcement to later today!


By on October 3, 2018
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