Imagine Dragons Embrace "The Different" In "Thunder" Music Video: Watch

imagine dragons thunder video
imagine dragons thunder video premiere

Imagine Dragons Embrace "The Different" In "Thunder" Music Video: Watch

Imagine Dragons have premiered the music video for their latest single “Thunder” this Wednesday afternoon (May 3) via the VEVO platform.

The music video directed by EXPENSIVE music video director Joseph Kahn (he directed Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video… HELLO!).

FYI: “Thunder” is the second official single and the title track from American band Imagine Dragons’ forthcoming third studio album, which will be released in stores on June 16.

The plot of the video below is a bit confusing but here are two explanations posted by two different Imagine Dragons fans on YouTube:

* I think it's about embracing the f*ck outta being different even if you look like a lizard alien demon angel being lol.

* This video is about not conforming to society’s standards.

Ohhhh, ok! Makes sense!

BY THE WAY, loving the shameless mainstream-oriented sound of “Thunder”. It’s bound to be a hit!

PS: Has Dan Reynolds been working out a lot in the gym lately? DAMN!

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By on May 3, 2017

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