Iggy Azalea’s Long-Awaited MASSIVE Performance In Brazil Interrupted After Dancer Faints And Suffers Seizures: Watch Footage

iggy azalea dance faints
iggy azalea dance faints brazil

I know Iggy Azalea shouldn't be the main focus of this post but I'm sorry, I just need to say it: My God the Australian raptress has bad luck. Someone must have done black magic on her something!

Iggy performed on Thursday night what was supposed to be her biggest gig of 2018 and what should have been the trampoline for a fresh new start for her in new international markets. But it all went wrong.

Iggy Azalea was booked to be the international musical entertainer of the "Jogo das Estrelas" soccer game at the Maracana Stadium in Brazil. She performed for over 70,000 people in the venue, with millions of Brazilians watching via TV from their homes, last night. The "Jogo das Estrelas" is basically a soccer game where celebrities and famous active and retired popular Brazilian soccer players play a match together to raise funds for a charity.

Why was Iggy Azalea picked as the international musical entertainer? I have no idea. No shade but Iggy didn't have a good 2018 nor is popular anymore. So maybe the reason of her booking was because she was "affordable"?

Anyway, the big drama of Iggy's gig at the Maracana occurred when she was in the middle of her "Black Widow" performance. Out of the sudden, one of her female back up dancers fainted and started having CONVULSIONS. Her fellow back up dancers immediately went to their rescue while Iggy continue the performance (as a whole freaking stadium was watching her). A medical team then appeared on stage, Iggy stopped the performance and an eerie silence fell over the stadium.


Iggy took to Instagram later that night to offer an explanation of what had happened during her Maracana set.

iggy azalea drama
iggy azalea dancer convulsions

So there you go.

Glad to hear the dancer is doing OK now. But man, that was so scary!

So you see what I mean when I say bad luck is chasing Iggy? Girl just can't catch a break. I bet she's praying at this very moment 2018 ends sooner. I do wish a brighter 2019. She needs a good year for real.

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By on December 28, 2018
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