Iggy Azalea Releases 4 New Songs Via WeTransfer: Free Download

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Iggy Azalea Releases 4 New Songs Via WeTransfer: Free Download

Iggy Azalea released four new songs earlier on Tuesday. These four new songs are titled “Going Up”, “Good”, “Hate On It”, and “Never Satisfied”. You will not be able to purchase these on iTunes or stream them on Spotify. To “get” them you will have to use WeTransfer link provided by Iggy on a tweet to DOWNLOAD the four songs free of charge. Yes, Iggy is gifting these four new songs to her fans. On Twitter, Iggy revealed that she recorded these tracks over the 2017 summer and that her friend Ljay Currie produced them – who had no issue on giving his permission to make these songs downloadable on WeTransfer and therefore getting ZERO money for them. Also, replying to a fan on Twitter this morning, Iggy said that her new album isn’t called “Digital Distortion” anymore but “Surviving the Summer”. So she’s releasing an album in the end? Unfortunately we won’t believe it until we see it. We were promised so many things by Iggy and she failed on fulfilling them many of them. This “free music” gesture is much appreciated, though. This at least proves she still cares for her fans. Because releasing songs knowing you won’t get a dime of profits is being a very bold move.

CLICK HERE to download “Going Up”, “Good”, “Hate On It”, and “Never Satisfied”.

And tell us which is your favorite(s)!

By on November 7, 2017

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