Iggy Azalea Readies “Religious” Music Video For “Savior”: See Official Stills!

iggy azalea savior video
iggy azalea savior video preview

Iggy Azalea Readies “Religious” Music Video For “Savior”: See Official Stills!

Iggy Azalea hasn’t forgotten about “Savior” yet. In fact, despite the song performing miserably, the Australian raptress is still going to give the Quavo-assisted urban/pop track an official music video. On social media last night, Iggy told fans the music video is “coming any day now” and that we should “be on alert”. Music videos premiere on Fridays these days, so we can assume the visual for “Savior” is coming out on March 2nd?

On social media last night Iggy shared too two stills from the actual “Savior” video. The stills see Iggy with a biblical aureole around her head conversing with a monk-looking guy in a church. So it’s evident to assume the “Savior” video will have a strong religious theme.

So this is how Iggy is illustrating the “Savior” concept for the music video….very interesting… although kind of controversial too, right? No doubt some catholic radicals are going to come for her after this music video premieres next week! But... could it be that Iggy is actively looking to create a controversy for larger attention to be brought to her single? If that's the case, she is really desperate.

By on February 25, 2018

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