Iggy Azalea Confirms “Switch” Is Dead: Music Video Scrapped, Next Single Out In July!

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Sucks but it was bound to happen.

In an interview with one of Brazil’s most popular pop blogs, “Portal Pop Line”, Iggy Azalea confirmed that the life cycle of her latest single “Switch” will be of only a month and a half ("Switch" was released on May 19th). This is a sweet way of officially acknowledging that the Anitta-assisted single was a flop.

Two were the most important answers Australian raptress Iggy Azalea gave “Portal Pop Line” in the exclusive interview she did with them just this week:

1) She said that she might be going to Brazil soon (really? she didn't even go there to promote "Switch"... and the song featured a Brazilian artist!) because she’ll be on promotional trek mode again in July when her next single is released (hence confirming the short life cycle of “Switch”). Iggy said that her next single, which will be chosen by her label, may be a collaboration between her and another popular “guest”, where he or she (most likely she) will be singing the pre-chorus (just like Anitta did on “Switch”).

And come to Brazil with a tour, Iggy? It's possible?

Wow, I'd love to do a whole show for you guys. Because there's a new single coming out probably in early July that has another guest singing the pre-chorus.

2) Iggy confirmed that she will not be premiering the official music video for her flop single “Switch” at all, following a leak of an early version a few days ago. She said there were talks about possibly re-shooting it but since the costs would have been too much, the idea was discarded.

And, of course, I have to talk about the "Switch" music video. Is it true the rumor you were thinking of reshooting it?

Yes, it was something we talked about, but the cost was very high, many people needed to be involved and in the end it was difficult to make it happen. Unfortunately we had prepared everything to promote it and the leak happened.

I’m terribly sad about all of this.

I kind of liked “Switch”, it was Iggy’s best and most exciting single release in a long while, and I really thought it could make her fans finally reconnect with her after she disappointed them and alienated them with “Team” last year.

Tough times for Iggy Azalea these are... I wonder what her next single, which premieres in July, will be like? Hopefully she'll remain on the "poppy" lane.

By on June 15, 2017
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