Iggy Azalea Announces Release Dates Of New Single & Album: See Here!

iggy azalea new album 2019

She better not break any of these promises!

In a brand new interview, Iggy Azalea offered details about her upcoming era. She said she would be dropping a new single in February (with the music video for that getting shot by Colin Tilley this month) and that her new "album" (no new mixtape or EP but ALBUM) would be arriving in stores in April o May. She will complete the recording of her second LP by January 30th, she said.


Iggy Azalea is an independent artist now so she's her own boss. So any delays it's now entirely her fault. Don't disappoint us, girl!

"Kream" restored some of my faith in Iggy Azalea but then the rest of songs on the "Surviving The Summer" EP wasn't that good. So I'm hoping that won't happen in this upcoming era. I'm expecting the lead single AND the rest of songs on Iggy's second full-length studio album to be good - or at least decent. Iggy has much responsibility on her shoulders now that she's an independent artist. Now she won't be able to blame any major label about the underperformance of a project of hers.


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By on January 5, 2019
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