Hunter Hayes Says Goodbye To Old Self In “Yesterday’s Song” Music Video: Watch

hunter hayes yesterdays song video
hunter hayes yesterdays song video premiere

It wasn't yesterday when he released this amazing song but last September. We, the fans, have been patiently waiting and finally, yesterday (hehe), Hunter Hayes made our dreams come true when he premiered the much-anticipated MUSIC VIDEO for his single "Yesterday's Song" on VEVO. Woot!

The reflective video for "Yesterday's Song" sees hottie Hunter Hayes wandering inside a giant disco ball, exploring its mirrors-filled maze, and rejecting a millionaire cash offer by a mysterious disco ball-headed man. Oh, and Hunter will also have to re-live his entire career by means of all of his old music videos playing on the walls as he finds his way out of the maze.

This music video, we think, sheds some light about Hunter's intention for the future. Hunter is trying to say goodbye to his old self (the running away last scene and the sad nostalgia with which he regarded his old music videos were very indicative). It seems we won't be hearing the same Hunter from his first two albums in his next ones.

So, it could be that "Yesterday's Song", alongside the other singles he's released in the last months, are actually "bridges" to the revamped Hunter Hayes music he plans to release soon.

So exciting to hear what's to come from H.H!


By on March 29, 2017
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