Hunter Hayes Releases 2013's "Light Me Up" As New Single: Watch The Music Video!

hunter hayes light me up

Very interesting! Country music’s favorite cherub-face singer Hunter Hayes has just left fans around the world shocked by premiering through VEVO today (Feb. 9) the music video for his new single “Light Me Up”.

What’s strange about it? Do I hate the song? Is the video awful? Well, it’s not that, it’s just that “Light Me Up” is a track from Hunter’s 2013 “Hunter Hayes (Encore)” album, the re-release of his 2011 studio debut. Say what!?

So why in heaven’s name is Mr. Hayes releasing this “old” song as his “new” single? Maybe the fact that “Light Me Up” is his new UK single clarifies the matter.

“Hunter Hayes” (2011) and “Hunter Hayes (Encore)” (2013) are the only Hunter Hayes albums that have been released in the UK. His official sophomore LP “Storyline”, released in the US in the Spring of the last year, is not out in the United Kingdom. So technically Hunter Hayes is still “allowed” to release singles from that 2013 re-release there without any awkwardness. Mystery solved!

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“Light Me Up” music video

Not really sure how successful this song will be the UK – I think it’s just “safe” (cute but safe) – and I see Hunter and his label haven’t really put much effort in the music video (watch below).

The music video shows the country singer letting his inner ROCK STAR out as he will play the guitar and slay the drums just as any rock god would as a camera makes circular rounds around him to catch his every move. Flashing lights will increase the “energy” of the video. Hmmm, OKAY.


By on February 9, 2015
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