HRVY Dances Amid Pyrotechnics In “Told You So” Music Video

hrvy 2019
hrvy told you so video
hrvy told you so video premiere

English pop singer HRVY premiered the music video for his latest single "Told You So" last night (March 18) on YouTube.

If you like upbeat break-up songs, you're going to love "Told You So".

However, I found the music video for "Told You So" to be a somewhat puzzling as I didn't see much "heartbreak" but lots of fireworks, smiles and dancing between HRVY and the girl he in theory had to be upset (?) with? "Now you're gone for good", HRVY sings in "Told You So". So why is he still "close" with that girl? Me doesn't get it. Do you have an explanation for what went on in this video? I'd like to hear it.


By on March 19, 2019
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