Hilary Duff Wows Vocally With “Tattoo” Acoustic Performance From Her Backyard: Watch

hilary duff tattoo backyard
hilary duff tattoo performance

Hilary Duff gets a little inspiration from labelmate Miley Cyrus and launches her own “Backyard” acoustic performances series too.

The first of the few to come taped performances is a lovely stripped-down rendition of “Tattoo”, the pop ballad UK star Ed Sheeran wrote for Hilary for her album “Breathe In. Breathe Out”.

Although I don’t see the heartbreak/love song as a future single, I do think it’s adorable, and you can definitely sense the Ed touch in it.

Hilary did an absolutely amazing job performing “Tattoo” acoustically with just the help of guitar man on the very first episode of her “Backyard” sessions. I even dare to say this is the best acoustic performance she’s ever done. It was THAT GOOD.


By on June 18, 2015
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