Hilary Duff Makes "Sparks" Music Video A Tinder Commercial: Watch Now!

hilary duff sparks video
hilary duff sparks video premiere

I’m done. What is happening to music videos lately? They look so incredible in the teasers but when the full thing premieres it all turns into disappointment. First it was Britney with the “Pretty Girls” vid and now it’s Hilary Duff with “Sparks”.

The former Lizzie McGuire star released the official music video for the catchy Tove Love-written pop song “Sparks” on VEVO today (May 14) and it is just a damn mess.

I still have hopes this song becomes a late bloomer hit during the summer, though.

hilary duff sparks mv

Hilary gets the Tinder itch

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, I was so looking forward to see this music video (BELIEVE ME!) from the second Hilary unveiled that 15-sec teaser on Instagram a few weeks ago where you could see her sporting an ‘Icy queen’ look and doing the “Sparks” choreography. Sadly, the ‘final’ edit is just trash – all the ‘dance scenes’ are awesome, though. Although, I don’t think Hilary should be THAT provocative showing ass and everything but whatever.

This music video looks more like a documentary or a Tinder commercial. The whole ‘plot’ of the video is about a blind date Hilary set up through the dating app. She goes to a radio interview to confirm she is in fact on Tinder in the beginning of the "MC", she then tells the story of how her friends made her use the app and how pleasantly surprised she was to find a few pretty cute boys, and at the end we see Ms. Duff and her date having fun in a bowling place. So, this is pretty much the “important” part of the “Sparks” “music video”. The rest is the actual dancing scenes we saw in the Instagram teaser of Hilary and two backup dancers sexily dancing to “Sparks”.

I sincerely hope there is a new version of this “MV” coming out soon without all the Tinder nonsense and just the dance parts.

PS: Tinder HAD to pay for this music video, right?

What do you think of the video?

By on May 14, 2015
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