Hilary Duff Fixes "Sparks" Music Video With New Tinder-Less Version: Watch

hilary duff sparks video
hilary duff sparks videoclip

Now this is what I’m talking about. Thank God Hilary Duff read the bad reviews everyone was posting online about her “Sparks” music video that featured excessive dialogues that interrupted the natural flow of an MV and way too much Tinder nonsense (paid product placement?).

Today, May 28th, the 27-year-old pop singer, and mother of one, released on VEVO the “fixed” version of the “Sparks” music video that this time is all about Hilary and the song and doesn’t include not even one tiny bit of Tinder. WOOT!

As expected, this “fixed” version focuses on the choreography scenes where Ms. Duff rocks her “icy queen” look with the blue hair. We get to see more dances moves, new scenes and new visual effects. And YES, this is one trillion times better than the infamous original version, which I recommend Hilary and RCA to eliminate from YouTube ASAP.

Hopefully this ‘new’ music video, and future TV performances that I hope her label has booked for her will help “Sparks” in the sales department. As of this post, the Tove Love-written pop song is nowhere to be found on the Top 100 chart of iTunes USA. :(

What do you think of this new version?

By on May 28, 2015
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