Here’s Liam Payne Shirtless, Pantless & Wet In The Pool: New Photoshoot!

liam payne shirtless

Summer clearly isn’t over for Liam Payne yet. In a newly-released black and white photoshoot taken by Greg Williams (god bless him) and uploaded on Liam’s Instagram feed this Wednesday afternoon, you can appreciate the good-looking “Strip That Down” pop singer completely shirtless and pantless, and wet, as he relaxes in a pool. The reason behind this random but much appreciated photoshoot? That’s yet a mystery. But it simply looks like a fun project between Liam and the photographer.

See the rest of the photos:

liam payne shirtless pool
liam payne shirtless beard
liam payne shirtless boxers

OH MY! What’s your favorite one?

If Liam’s aim was to get back on the blogs’ headlines, he has succeeded. This will undoubtedly make Liam “hot” again (lol) on the Internet and no doubt streams for his latest “First Time” EP will rise as people who didn’t know the EP even existed hear about it thanks to bloggers writing about it (like I am right now) in an attempt to fill a blog page!

Many thanks for this photoshoot, though! And keep it up in the gym!

By on October 10, 2018
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