Here’s Finally The Studio Version of Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over”: Premiere

billie eilish when the party is over

Dark queen Billie Eilish has released the studio version of her song “When The Party’s Over” on digital platforms at last. She debuted this song live in concert in January this year and 10 sweet months later; here we have the glorious studio version. It’s available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music as of this Wednesday morning. The song will definitely be appearing on Billie’s forthcoming full-length debut album, which is expected to come out in early 2019.

About “When The Party’s Over”, Billie Eilish said the following in an interview:

"It’s not really, “I’m sad,” you know what I mean? So “When The Party’s Over,” I feel like that’s such a sentence. It’s like, “I’ll call you when the party’s over,” you’re on the phone with someone and you can’t hear them, they can’t hear you, it’s loud, they’re mad at you for some reason. I feel like everybody’s had that struggle with someone – somebody on the phone yelling for some reason, and you’re just like, “You know what? Fucking leave me alone.”

When The Party’s Over” feels dark, a little bit depressing, and moody, but this all signature Billie Eilish. The lyrics are like a poem, though, and the vocals are just heart-piercing.

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By on October 17, 2018
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