Hear Big Boi & Adam Levine's Unlikely Collaboration "Mic Jack" Now!

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Hear Big Boi & Adam Levine's Unlikely Collaboration "Mic Jack" Now!

We found out today that Big Boi is making a comeback releasing this June a new LP called “Boomiverse” and he’s already releasing singles! Earlier today he dropped “Kill Jill” featuring Killer Mike and Jeezy, and just moments ago he released what most likely will be his upcoming album’s real lead single and the song he will be promoting like hell throughout the coming months (a deduction in view of the name of the single’s official collaborator): “Mic Jack” featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Produced by DJ Dahi, “Mic Jack” is a half rap song, half disco funk song! Ain’t that an awesome combination? Only Big Boi could pull of something like this.

Ni**as still ain’t fuckin’ with Hollywood Court / But stay fuckin’ wit’ ya boi like the Hollywood dope / Everything Big, no comin’ up short / Jack the buzzer beater up, all net, half court” will be some of Big Boi’s intense verse lyrics, while Adam Levine will get control of the melodic chorus: “You’re hotter than July / Super colder than December / You got me dancing / The dance floor tells no lies / Give them something to remember / You got me dancing”.

An unlikely pairing this Big Boi featuring Adam Levine track is but somehow they made it work. Bravo!

PS: Don’t think this will play on Top 40 radios at all but hey! at least Adam will get some urban radio airplay for the first time in his life!

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By on April 20, 2017

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