Hear A Snippet of Demi Lovato & Luis Fonsi's "Echame La Culpa" Now!

demi lovato echame la culpa

Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato will release their debut collaboration entitled "Echame La Culpa" ("Blame Me" in English) this Friday, November 17th. Their collaboration was the worst kept secret ever but we didn't mind, because we love experiencing the anticipation for new music. Luis Fonsi already performed "Echame La Culpa" in concert this summer but he sang his solo version. Apparently this new version with Demi Lovato will act as the official single edit at least in the USA. Demi announced the release date today with a tweet that also included a few seconds of a snippet of the song featuring only her part.

Hmm... we think some of our anticipation just extinguished. The snippet doesn't sound too good. We dug Luis Fonsi's festive solo version and we were anticipating hearing Demi singing "Echame La Culpa" but the new version sounds a bit awkward. At least in this snippet. And it's all because of Demi's weird Spanish accent. Demi's Spanish singing doesn't sound natural but robotic (and we thought she would nail the Spanish language) but most importantly she doesn't seem to fully connect with the melody of the song. It's as if she's singing without knowing the true meaning of the lyrics or she just doesn't understand Latin beats. We hope the full version makes everything sound better!

By on November 15, 2017
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