Harry Styles To Release "Kiwi" As His Next Single: A Good Choice?

harry styles kiwi next single

It is decided. The next single from Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album will be… “Kiwi”. The fan-favorite track will be the official follow-up to “Two Ghosts”. According to the weekly Columbia Records promo newsletter, “Kiwi” will be pushed to pop radios in the U.S “soon”.

Happy with the new single choice?

Here’s a stream of “Kiwi” to refresh your memory just in case!

We like “Kiwi” but we really don’t know if this single will be able to improve the chart performance of “Two Ghosts”, which shockingly was disappointing. “Two Ghosts” only managed to peak at #31 on the pop radio chart in the U.S. And on the Billboard Hot 100, it never appeared. We understand Columbia Records picked “Kiwi” as the next single because they wanted to see Harry again up on the charts after the bad taste “Two Ghosts” left on everyone’s mouth but we’re not “Kiwi” will be able to do that. We like the song but we think are more suited songs on the “Harry Styles” album to become singles before “Kiwi”. “Carolina” for instance. “Carolina” could’ve smashed!

By on October 3, 2017
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