Halsey's "Without Me" Music Video Tells The Story Of A Toxic Relationship: PREMIERE

halsey without me video
halsey without me video premiere

The wait was very worth it. This is by far my favorite music video from Halsey to date!

After a few days of teasing, Halsey premiered the Colin Tilley-directed video for her latest one-off single “Without Me” today on YouTube. Halsey hasn’t commented yet if the release of “Without Me” means she’s gearing up to unveil a new “body or work”, meaning a possible re-release of “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom”, an EP or a new album, but me thinks there’s more new music on the way from where “Without Me” came, so yeah, I’m excited for what’s next from Halsey. “Without Me” is stunning and so is this new visual.


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The music video you just saw took us along the complicated relationship Halsey had with this “bad boy”. The “love” was there, they complemented each other rather well you could say, they had fun, but when the drama started, the drama was too big to make this relationship live through it. This guy got drunk every day, he began to steal money from Halsey, one day he almost physically attacked her, and that day was pretty much the day Halsey decided to leave this jerk for good. So she plotted this strategy with the police… BOOM! Bye, jerk. The moral of this music video: if you begin to see the signs that you’re in a toxic relationship, girl, YOU BETTER RUN FAST!

halsey without me visual
By on October 29, 2018
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