Halsey Performs “Bad At Love” & “Him & I” With G-Eazy On “SNL”: Watch Now!

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Halsey Performs “Bad At Love” & “Him & I” With G-Eazy On “SNL”: Watch Now!

Halsey made her “Saturday Night Live” debut last night, January 13th, 2018.

At her first appearance ever on the iconic NBC variety show, the singer performed two songs live: “Bad at Love”, from her “hopeless fountain kingdom” album, and “Him & I”, her collaboration with boyfriend G-Eazy from his album “The Beautiful & Damned”.

Was Halsey foolish, though, for performing “Him & I” yesterday as her second song and not another track from her own “hopeless fountain kingdom” album? In the end, it was her “SNL” appearance, not G-Eazy’s. I know he’s her boyfriend and she loves him very much (so much to even do things like this) but this was Halsey’s time and she could have performed “Now Or Never” for instance. But nah, she wanted to support her boyfriend and promote his new single. I guess that’s true love?

Both performances were great and no doubt Halsey and G-Eazy went to celebrate somewhere in New York City later that night. Bravo!

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By on January 14, 2018
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