Giveaway! Win Handwritten Lyrics of Hunter Hayes’ “Yesterday’s Song” Single: Enter Now

hunter hayes in concert

Only a few weeks ago we could enjoy Hunter Hayes’ “Yesterday’s Song” music video premiere. We were left so captivated by it (something we knew was going to happen either way as we loved the song so much) that we thought we ought to do something else to keep spreading the word about “Yesterday’s Song”. Clever us, we decided to get in touch with Hunter’s team to set up something cool, and something the fans would definitely appreciate. And this is it! We are giving away a beautiful sheet of paper containing the handwritten (written by Hunter Hayes that is) lyrics of his latest single “Yesterday’s Song”. A song Hunter exclusively told us is about “the feeling of moving on, turning the page, changing the scene and feeling good about it!”.

Proof of veracity of the handwritten lyrics and a good view of your prize below:

hunter hayes handwritten lyrics

This is how it’s going to work, guys!


Already told you. Handwritten lyrics of “Yesterday’s Song” by Hunter Hayes



The winner is... ***Josh Hohman!*** (please check your email ASAP! Otherwise, a new winner might be picked!)

*Be on the look for more new Hunter Hayes music soon.

He's definitely cooking something up!

By on April 19, 2017
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