Future & Nicki Minaj's "You Da Baddest" Music Video Is Summer-Ready: Premiere

future nicki you da baddest
future nicki you da baddest premiere

Future and Nicki Minaj released their newest collaboration “You Da Baddest” this Friday morning on digital stores. Simultaneously, the music video got uploaded on VEVO.

Directed by Benny Boom, the “You Da Baddest” music video, seemingly shot in a paradisiac Miami Beach (yes, summer is here y'all), sees Nicki Minaj skin-revealing sexy outfits, strutting through the beach promenade and making bystanders get arrested for just looking at her, getting a couple to fight in an elevator when the guy also checks her out too much, and just chilling with her boy Future, who will opt for more “traditional” clothes, and not something so “out there” like Nicki’s.

If you’re a fan of Nicki’s singing abilities, then you will be in ecstasy when you hear the intro of “You Da Baddest”.

Oh, and why was the song titled “You Da Baddest” when its most obvious title would have been “Fuck them hoes”? Because that’s the lyric line Future says at least 100 times in the song. Also, what the hell at Future’s enunciation? I know bad enunciation is his signature style, but good Lord, he went a little too far in “You Da Baddest”. I literally couldn’t understand a thing he said besides the “fuck them hoes” bits.

future nicki you da baddest vevo
By on July 28, 2017
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