Full Songs: Adele - "You'll Never See Me Again" & "Never Gonna Leave You" [Unreleased]

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That was rather quick, wasn’t it? The full versions of the unreleased Adele songs produced by Fraser T. Smith and recorded back in 2010 we told you about yesterday have leaked today. Can this be something Adele is doing stealthily to raise the hype for her upcoming album “25”? Because these songs were recorded four years ago, and they’re leaking precisely three months before the rumoured release date of the new Adele album? Come on, what are the odds? But hey! It’s “new” Adele music, so we’re not hating. Take a listen below!

The two Adele unreleased songs are: "You'll Never See Me Again" and "Never Gonna Leave You", both produced by the talented Fraser T. Smith – the man behind “Set Fire To The Rain”. These were recorded in the year 2010, and were supposed to be on "21" but unfortunately failed the final cut into tracklisting and were sent to "the vault". However, people at Adele's XL Recordings label knew of the existence of these tracks (and obviously of many more) as they were included on a promo CD distributed internally. Could "You'll Never See Me Again" and "Never Gonna Leave You" be used for “25”? Maybe! That will depend on Adele. But they are great songs, and they should be released officially somehow.

"You'll Never See Me Again" and "Never Gonna Leave You" review

"You'll Never See Me Again", as described in a previous post, “is a standard, very emotional Adele R&B-soul ballad. In the lyrics of the song, the Grammy award winner sings with regret, nostalgia and resignation about a former love. "I won't face your fears / I need to fight my own / You'll never see me again oh baby”, sings a mortified Adele. She still loves the man but she just can’t be with him anymore.

"Never Gonna Leave You" (this one right here leaked straight in its full version unlike "You'll Never See Me Again" which leaked first in snippet form) is a ballad where Adele sings to her man and lets him know that she won't leave him despite the difficult times they’ve had and his insecurities. She's going to fight for their love.

Love or hate them?

"You'll Never See Me Again"

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"Never Gonna Leave You"

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