Free Download: Jay Sean - The Mistress (Mixtape)

Distant seem the days when Jay Sean used top the charts across the world with songs such as "Down" or "Do You Remember"...Cuz now the British crooner is really suffering! His new album "Freeze Time" has been pushed-back God knows how many times, and he's only producing flop after flop - First with the Nicki Minaj-assisted "2012 (It Ain't the End)" and later with the Lil' Wayne collabo "Hit The Lights". I won't blame Jay Sean though, cuz it's not his fault his record label didn't promote the singles correctly, but sadly all this bad image is affecting his career, and his fans as well, who can't help but witness how Jay Sean's label is ruining all his hard work. If I were him, I'd return to the UK for some time, and re-think his label relationship.


So unable to release new official music, Jay Sean has decided his fans come first, and it's just unbearable they don't get new music by their fav artist in such a long time. That is why Jay Sean announced not too long ago he'd be releasing a mixtape called 'The Mistress' soon. That day came today (September 6th) and I'm glad to say this mixtape shows Jay Sean at his best. I'm absolutely feeling almost every song. R&B Jay is dope! His talent is undeniable. I really hope he finds the 'right' song to pull a succesful comeback, or perhaps consider finding a new label who really supports him.

By on September 6, 2011
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