Florida Georgia Line - "Sun Daze" [Music Video Premiere!]

florida georgia line sun saze video

Does daydreaming sometimes turn into reality? Check out below Florida Georgia Line’s newly-premiered music video for “Sun Daze” to find out the answer. The country duo have at last picked the second single from "Anything Goes" and it’s the super summery, and super catchy and super controversial (in the country music world) “Sun Daze". It's been four long months since Florida Georgia Line released the hit lead single “Dirt” so I say ABOUT TIME a second single is put out. But I’m just a bit shocked and upset about the release timing for "Sun Daze". This is a summer song that I'm surprised that FGL's label didn't release it as the lead single and therefore dropped it in the summer. Because releasing it now is a bit awkward. Will the fact that it's already Fall and soon Winter will come affect the chart performance "Sun Daze"? Could be, but hopefully not.

florida georgia line sun saze video

"Sun Daze" video review

A summery song needed to have a summery music video. The Florida Georgia Line guys are colleagues sharing the same miserable office job. Early in the morning when their boss goes check on them to see they're doing their job and finds out they’re not, our FGL friends will see their workload increased as punishment. But instead of doing their work, they'll put on their sunglasses and start daydreaming.

What they dream? About a barbecue-pool party they wish they’d be having at their house right now with a bunch of their friends where they could get “stoned” with nobody caring. And this is when a daydream becomes true. Once they are woke up by their boss, the Florida Georgia Line members find themselves super wet and all of their papers ruined (also wet). Their boss flips out, returns to his office but finds out a dog with a yellow rubber ring around him. WTF?

florida georgia line sun saze video

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By on October 29, 2014
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