Flo Rida Premieres Music Video For Upcoming Club Hit “Zillionaire”: Watch

flo rida zillionaire video
flo rida zillionaire video premiere

Flo Rida released this clubby song "Zillionaire" in the summer. However, at the time it was only being treated as a "promotional single". The real Flo Rida single of the summer of 2016 was a song called "Who Did You Love", which eventually underperformed everywhere (yeah, Flo Rida is also able to fail). So now that it's winter time, and clubs are looking for hits to play when the dance-floors get filled up for the New Year's Eve parties, here comes Flo Rida to unleash her master plan. He may not have given "Zillionaire" the "official single" treatment a few months ago (a silly mistake), but he's fixing things now.

"Zillionaire" has just been launched as Flo Rida's NEW SINGLE and its music video premiered last night on YouTube.

*Directed by Gil Green, the "Zillionaire" video shows Flo Rida buying a couple of lottery tickets from the beautiful cashier girl he has a crush on at the convenience store and imagining how his life with her would be should he win the "Zillionaire" price.

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By on December 7, 2016
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