Flo Rida & Maluma Say "Hola" In Spanglish New Single: Stream

flo rida hola

Flo Rida likes to drop bops in all seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall. Today, the Florida native (yes, that’s the reason for his stage name) released his new single “Hola” (“Hello” in Spanish) featuring reggaeton star Maluma (it seems the American music industry is becoming obsessed with the Spanish language ever since “Despacito”). The song is a tropical bop where Flo Rida will rap in English and Maluma will sing in Spanish. We suppose this is the version that Flo Rida will send to Top 40 radios in the U.S.A – and not a solo one. Artists seem to be confident that Spanglish songs are guarantee to success these days. But one thing is to have Justin Bieber on your song and another different one is to have Maluma, which almost no one, in the English-speaking part of the USA, knows.

I don't speak your language, but / Hey ma, hey mama / Don't need no translation just / Come right here / And make your body say, yeah”, sings Flo Rida in the somewhat sexist chorus of his new single “Hello”. But hey, sexism seems to be integral to these kind of urban songs, so no surprise here. Is this a bop? Yes it is. Flo Rida’s best bop ever? He’s had better. Will this get old too fast? We believe so.

By on November 17, 2017
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